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Rigid Rescue Boat

1、Comply with the requirements and rules of SOL AS and amendment 1996, LSA Code, MSC.218(82), MSC.272(85), MSC.320(89) &MSC.81(70), MSC.226(82), MSC.274(85), MSC.321(89).

2、Boat body material: fire _pretended type FRP;

3、Fit the self righting device. It can self righting by itself when capsized;

4、Fit the off-load release mechanism with the safety pin;

5、Equipments is equipped according to SOL AS requirement;

6、The surface for walking is the antiskid;

7、Equip a manual pump remove the ponding in the boat;

8、Rubber fender is ftted around the boat;

9、The deck can self-motion drainage;

10、Running time of rescue boat when full-loaded & full-speed is more than 4 hours.





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